About me



I’m an assistent professor at Delft University of Technology and work in the department of Industrial Design Engineering. I have a background in haptic (PhD) and visual (post-doc) perception.  Broadly speaking, I currently focus on visual communication. On the one hand the term is too broad to define my research, but on the other hand it also nicely illustrates how I want to integrated perception in design. Therefore, I’ll append of stuff and things to it.

I started investigating perception in 2004, when I got a PhD student position at Utrecht University. The topic was ‘haptic’ perception, a word I had to look up when I first read the PhD description. It means touch. During my PhD I investigated perception of line drawings, worked on a haptic interface and invented a novel haptic illusion. After my defence in september 2008 I started a post-doc on ecological optics, at Delft University of Technology. It was a short project (about 9 months), but during that time we also got some money from the Dutch National Bank: I investigated novel ways of making future bank notes better perceivable by touch. At the start of 2010 I received a Veni grant on 3D shape and material perception. I developed a method to quantify depth relations between objects in a pictorial scene. I also investigated the perceptual depth structure difference between pictures and reality.


Visual communication of stuff and things